The Jewelry Baronessa is the original creation of founder Diana Sapienza. As “The Jewelry Baronessa”, Diana has assembled a unique collection of handmade, boutique-style jewelry and accessories which reflects the multi-faceted sides of Diana and every woman she has met on her worldwide travels. Her pieces are personally selected and consist of a diverse array of materials and metals ranging in style from vintage to contemporary to classic to tribal. As a mother of two, a corporate executive, a first generation daughter of European parents and philanthropist, Diana knows the many roles women play in their lives each and every day and how to project one’s inner fashionista in an affordable and stylish manner. Her pieces reflect her creativity and aesthetic passion as she works with a variety of artists from around the globe to select unique, fashionable eye-catching, affordable pieces which are unable to be found in any one location. Knowing women’s lives are busy she offers her collection and expertise, a talent for coordinating and accessorizing any outfit, in a personal and intimate setting. Whether it’s in a private show or an open house, Diana customizes every shopping experience by taking a personal approach to your individual sense of style. Diana opens her heart through her entire collection. The Jewelry Baronessa can make suggestions-sometimes by just recommending a simple addition to one’s outfit, ultimately boosting any woman’s confidence. That’s because The Jewelry Baronessa knows, that it all goes back to – when a woman knows she looks good, she feels good.


In 2014, Diana decided to turn her passion of sharing rare and unique pieces with other women into a business. From as far back as she can remember, Diana recognized that she was surrounded by a strong sense of style. Sneaking into her mother’s closet and playing dress up with her European baubbles, Diana began to cultivate a keen eye for style and fashion. Little did she know her nickname, “The Baronessa” given to her lovingly by her father, would stick and become her pseudonym later in life. Today her jewelry and accessories appeal to the If-anyone-can-have-it-I-don’t- want-it woman. Many of her featured pieces are in fact, one-of-a-kind! Diana eats, sleeps and breathes fashion and takes advantage of her access to NYC, Florence, Rome, Paris and London.

What truly makes The Jewelry Baronessa unique is Diana’s firm belief that when women support each other incredible things happen. Her primary goal is to identify other like-minded women entrepreneurs and feature these artists who represent high quality design aesthetics, along with a passion for cultivating one-of–a-kind pieces. Today, The Jewelry Baronessa has grown into a network of talented designers and stylists. Her engaging style and visionary thoughts has resulted in a one of a kind assortment which ultimately inspires women of all ages to create a unique style and joie de vivre! That is truly what The Jewelry Baronessa is all about.


Diana’s commitment to style, quality and affordability is just the beginning. The Jewelry Baronessa takes it to the next level by supporting women beyond the aesthetic and visual imagery they project but by complementing and nourishing their spiritual and altruistic nature. Diana believes that by serving our local community we ultimately support the needs of all women. As a result, a portion of each purchase made goes to support philanthropic organizations which include:

  • Dress For Success
  • York Stree Project
  • Christian Health Care Center
  • Eva’s Village Incorporated
  • Gregory M. Hirsch Heart Foundation